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  About Chhindwara

Historical Details

It is believed that once upon a time the Chhindwara District was full of "Chhind" (Date-Palm) trees, and the place was named "Chhind"-"Wada" (wada means place). There is also another story that because of the population of Lions (in Hindi it is called "Sinh"), it was considered that making entry into this district is akin to passing through the entrance of Lions' den. Hence it was called "Sinh Dwara" (means through the entrance of lion). In due course of time it became "Chhindwara".

History records the place from the time of the rule of Bhakth Bulund King, whose kingdom was spread over the Satpura range of hills and it is belived that his rule was upto the 3rd Century. One ancient plaque, belonging to "Rashtrakut" dynasty, found in "Neelkanth" village. This dynasty ruled upto the 7th Century. Then came the "Gondvana" dynasty which ruled the area with "Devgarh" as the capital. King 'Jatav' of 'Gond' community has built the Devgarh fort. Bhakth Bulund King was most powerful in the dynasty and he has adopted Muslim religion during the rule of Emperor "Aurangjeb". Later the power has changed many hands and finally 'Maratha rule' ended in 1803. On 17 September 1803, East India Company had taken over this kingdom by defeating 'Raghuji II', starting the British rule. After Independence 'Nagpur' was made the capital of Chhindwara District, and on 1st November 1956 this district was re-constituted with Chhindwara as the capital.


Chhindwara District has majority of tribal population. The tribal communities include Gond, Pardhan, Bharia, Korku. Hindi, Marathi, Gondi, Urdu, Korku, Musai, Parvari etc. languages/dialects are in use in the district. Majority of the tribals speak in Gondi and Hindi mixed with Marathi. Among the cultural functions/festivals in the district Pola, Bhujalia, Meghnath, Akhadi, Harijyoti etc. are famous ones. 'Gotmat Mela' of Pandhurna is unique and world renowned fair. On Shivrathri day 'Mahadev Mela' will be celebrated each year on "Choudagadh".

Tourist Places

Prominent Tourist Spots in the District include Patalkot, Tamia, Tribal Museum, Chota Mahadev Cave, Devgarh Fort, Nadadwari, Hot Water Spring at Anhoni and Radhadevi Caves and Jam Sanvli Temple (Near Sausar).


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