Our Projects

Kisan Mela

Kisan mela is a platform where farmers can get the Information about farming that how to implement the scientific technologies on their farm and how farmers can get more and more  benefit by using the scientific technologies. This program was run by Sony computer education.

The Main objective to run this program was spread the information to every farmer about the farming. In this program information about pesticides, there harms on farm, necessity of soil examination, treatment of seeds and many more information are given to the farmers by agriculture experts. Instead that we also give the information about the agricultural loan provided by the government at very low interest rate that’s why they can get more benefit at low cost

Agmarknet Programme

This programme was conduct by Sony Computer Education. The main purpose to conduct this programme is to give the information about the project for farmers and agricultural methodology which should be apply scientifically. The workers of Sony computer education’s are went to the villages of the district to give information about the project. In this programme we also give basic knowledge about the agmarknet web site. which is designed for the farmers that they can view the current rates of the crop in the market which is declared by government. we also give information to get higher production from the farm, necessity of soil examination and information about new technologies related to farming. This programme help farmers to get real cost of their crop. this is an programme for spread aware ness about the farming to the farmers.

Computer Litracy Program

Computer Litracy Program Sony computer education conducts various types of policies for the needy peoples. The main purpose to conduct this type of policies is to enhance the computer literacy for the people who are not able to have education through pay fees to any institution. We are promised to give better education for the needy people through our free camps of computer literacy which are driven by Sony computer education every year. This type of campus is organized since last 3 year and about 800 people are benefited by our computer educational camp. Now we have target to give computer education to the 5000 people this year. We not only give computer education for the needy but also we give some other information through seminars. Seminars are pointed at any subject related to the management, IT, or Way of living, this seminars are taken by experts in particular subject. There Mark sheet, Certificate, are also provide at free of cost and prizes are also distributed for the best performers.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) PTA is an much important factor to maintain the quality of schools education and facility which are provided by government to the schools but PTA will not working properly if Parents and Teacher are not aware to their rights. That’s why we conduct the PTA training programme to aware the parents and teacher to their rights which they can apply to maintain the quality of schools education and facility which are provided by government to the schools.